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Ecolohika is a small business based in Manila who envisions a circular economy and hopes to help in making the Philippines more aware of climate issues faced by the present generation. From our name itself, ecology and likha, we align the business with our goals of preserving the environment by understanding the world’s ecology and creating or “pag-likha” using resources from the Earth also knowing that these creations have a positive impact on the body and the environment.

We started the business in 2013 at the end of our college year for two main reasons: A goal to be financially independent and to be more supportive of ethically sourced and locally-made products. The business started re-selling a well-known Filipino brand’s products until we were able to venture out products by artisans, makers, farmers and family businesses.

The preservation and protection of nature is one of our utmost goals. Growing up in Manila and seeing that lives in the provinces are simpler but have fewer, simpler needs made me want to adapt and practice a lifestyle that focuses on the essentials. We are a local enterprise that provides natural self-care and cleaning products. We aim to make the idea of having a waste-free lifestyle easier and in the process also pursue a circular economy.


To become the best resource for environmentally-friendly, ethically and consciously-made natural products that address low impact lifestyle needs.


To orient Filipinos of the benefits a change to low impact lifestyle can bring. We aim to provide everyone with easily accessible, affordable products to help in their transition.


-To support and empower the livelihood of the local natural product-makers and the industry

-To highlight the benefits of a low-impact, sustainable and environmentally-conscious lifestyle in our pursuit to avert the climate crisis

-To be the preferred business of affordable, reusable and zero-waste products nationally.

What makes Ecolohika unique?

We believe that our goal of making Filipinos aware of their choices and its impact on the environment is one of our unique qualities. As much as possible, we include everyone in the conversation and always see to it that our products are mostly priced so that they can be afforded by the general public. We are open and continue to learn about current movements and programs for the climate which we share on our platform, spread correct information about the planet and continue to help our environment to ensure its stability for the future.

When it comes to production and consumption of items to be made and sold, our environment suffers the most because its resources get depleted and excessive amounts of carbon are emitted back to nature. In our lifetime, we have seen Climate Change evolve into a Climate Crisis and nearer to a point of no return. We see that the care for the environment is one of the duties Ecolohika upholds.

Before we introduce a product, we ensure that the source materials and process of creating the products are ethical, produce less waste and less carbon emissions. We ask the artisans and manufacturers questions regarding their steps and processes before we continue to test and add the product in our catalog. 

As much as we can, we source all products in our store locally, made by artisans from different parts of the country. This is to ensure that we keep supporting our fellow Filipinos in their livelihood, that they are able to receive a living wage for their hard work and that we continue to support their craft. 

A barrier we made note of when we were beginning our business was that people had a sense that living a zero-waste lifestyle is expensive. Contrary to this belief, there are a lot of options that can greatly help you in your journey to lesser to zero waste. We always make our products affordable and provide offerings that are within anyone’s budget.

We Promote Sustainability

A great way to slowly change your lifestyle in a more environmental way.

What a great initiative to use paper for packaging! First time receiving an item without the usual courier plastic bag. Goodbye single-use plastic! I need you no more! Thanks for caring for our Earth! 💕
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