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You can order online via our website. This newly created website was made with shoppers in mind. You can easily choose products you like, add them to your cart and pay in real-time!

Our website has been integrated with our zero-waste partner courier. Standard delivery rate is Php 80.

Our current product catalog includes organic soaps, shampoo bar, wooden utensils, bamboo straws, coconut coir brushes, upcycled dish non-sponges and reusable cotton pasadors. More products will be added on this list soon.

These are our payment methods:


None yet! We are handling all orders online, either via our website or our Social Media pages.

We Promote Sustainability

A great way to slowly change your lifestyle in a more environmental way.

Shampoo bar (thickening) lathers really well. Can potentially last 60 washes, depending on how you use it. Conditioner bar is also awesome! It's very light weight but still leaves your hair smooth and silky. I'm almost near my 60th wash but there's still half a bar left. It might look pricey at first but sulit siya!
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Chelsea L.

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